eHealth platform



According to the Antonius hospital our platform is the “Ferrari” among video consult services. Our eHealth service makes life a lot easier.  For you and your patients. Your patients are empowered by the service. No need to travel, loose a significant part of their day, feel exhausted etc.  Now they can remotely have a secure HD video conversation with you. Without the need for dedicated hardware.

Experience shows HD Video consults to be shorter. The practitioner is more effective, increasing the number of patients he can serve. Additionally general practitioners save 2 hours per week replacing visits to patients by Talqs HD Video consults.

Our advanced platform is a development of Talqs itself. Talqs does not incur any license costs to third parties. The result is the lowest Total Costs of Ownership in the industry for our customers.

Features is a patient centered cloud based service. Upon request special features can be developed or integration implemented.

  • Doctor – doctor or doctor – patient communication
  • Easy to use and intuitive for the client – one click on the mail link to enter the waiting room
  • Easy to use and intuitive management interface for secretary or doctor
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Virtual consulting room
  • HD Video
  • Conferencing – add colleagues by clicking on their presence button
  • Browser based communication
  • Device independent
  • Citrix compatible
  • Talqs calendar or integrate yours for making appointments
  • Send reminders of meetings or pre-assigned health tasks
  • Share files or screens real time
  • Feature rich chat
  • SMS alert
  • Peer-to-Peer connection
  • DTLS – SRTP encryption ensuring private and secure communications*
  • Automatic scaling within the cloud
  • Telecom-grade service availability
  • One click client initiated video call optional
  • Integration optional with ZIS and HIS


*DTLS – SRTP is for instance used by Cisco, Google a.o.