HD Video calling

Talqs offers you the opportunity to HD videocall your friends, students, colleagues or patients. Safe and anonymous, having several easy and practical functionalities. The one speaking automatically shows up on the main screen. Give it a try by clicking on ‘Start call’.

200+ HD participants

Yes, that’s right! Our intelligent server structure enables to comfortably HD videocall one another with 200+ participants. Our innovative technology can serve you in your company, classroom, hospital etc.

Integration with your infrastructure

More value can be created by integrating HD Video into your infrastructure. Talqs builds web applications enabling organisations to seamlessly integrate private HD Video into their systems. We developed for instance the most advanced and competitive eHealth HD Video application for hospitals, general practioners etc.

Easy eHealth communication

Zorg.Talqs.com is an easy-to-use browser based telehealth service, secure and safe.  Patients access on a pc, notebook, tablet or mobile at home or on route. With just a simple click in the email invitation, patients can schedule and enter into the virtual waiting room of their caregiver. Seeing the patient in the waiting room, he is then invited to enter the virtual consulting room as scheduled by the calendar.

Contact from your webpage

You are a service oriented organisation and wanting to improve the customer yourney? Or never want to miss the sales moment? Talqs offers you the possibility to have your visitors contact you directly by HD Video (or VoIP u.r.). Look at the features and you’ll see why Talqs enables you to create happy customers:

  • it’s easy and free, from anywhere in the world – just click and get connected
  • skip the voice menu – a visual menu let you click directly onto the right person or department
  • while waiting for an agent, start exchanging information, shortening the effective and subjective length of the call
  • easily turn the call into a conference, adding by a simple click on the presence notifications
  • create significant savings on ICT and Call Center Agent costs